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We turn sunshine to clean electricity with our GREEN DEAL

Second Energy functions as a one-stop solar shop and we offer our BOOT – BOO Mechanism for commercial and industrial entities so that you can enjoy the benefits of solar without having to bear any additional costs. With ZERO UPFRONT INVESTMENT customers can install Solar PV systems at their business premises or at remote land by signing a Private Power Purchase Agreement (PPA’s) with us. After this, customers can enjoy constant solar power supply and pay for units consumed (pay per use) without being worried about plant maintenance or warranty. This will be taken care by Second Energy completely.

Build Own Operate Transfer ( BOOT ) 90%
Build Own Operate ( BOO ) 94%
EPC with committed energy yield 96%

Second Energy has a researched in this area for years and we understand that solar financing can be complicated and time consuming, so we have partnered with well established financial investors that provide customized solar financing programs to meet your financial needs and expectations. Second Energy’s PPA gives the advantage to lock-in current energy rates from 15 to 25 years, in order to give our customer clarity about the future energy costs. The unit prices are fixed at the inception of the PPA tenure and these are much lower than the prevailing market prices for conventional power.

Simple Customized Solutions

Experience is needed to make things simple, we do customized solution for each project.

Advanced Engineering

Regional experience, worldwide certificates, high-tech software and advanced design tools.

Pro Installation

Details matter with our comprehensive techniques for installation and project management

Quality Check

Supervision and follow up with each project phase step by step to ensure highest quality measures.
Clean energy that fits for your budget. Get solar panels, installation, and maintenance on us with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (commonly abbreviated to PPA) is one of the most common ways for businesses to go solar because it allows you to eliminate the upfront cost of purchasing the actual solar panel system. With a PPA, you simply pay one monthly rate based on the clean electricity produced by your solar panels. Another big benefit to PPAs is that this rate is often lower than what the local utility charges for electricity over the course of the year and finally at the end of the lease period the pv solar system is yours.


This clearly benefits the consumer by giving them access to stable, cheap energy for the duration of the PPA, which is generally somewhere between 10 and 25 years. Through the provision of this cheaper energy, the developer is offsetting the consumer’s purchase of grid electricity. 

solar power purchase agreement provides an immediate payoff for the energy consumer. As the developer takes care of all financing, procurement, and installation, the customer simply goes solar and begins saving on their energy bill as soon as the system is up-and-running. 

There are two typical pricing plans for a solar power purchase agreement and both lead to energy cost savings for the customer. The first option is a fixed escalator plan, where the energy price rises at a predetermined rate—generally between 2% and 5% or the consumer. This rate is usually lower than projected utility rate increases. The second option is a fixed rate plan, where the price remains constant for the duration of the PPA. This allows for huge savings versus increasing utility rates year-on-year. 

The solar developer is completely responsible for all system performance and maintenance, taking on all the risk and alleviating the consumer/host of any responsibility for the pv solar system. 

Solar panels have been shown to contribute to total property value and a solar power purchase is a long-term, transferable agreement. Therefore, if a consumer/host was to sell their property, they would benefit from the solar-related increase in property value without even owning the system themselves. 

The PPA can be transferred to new occupants of the property should you move to new premises.

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