Off Grid PV Solar

Clean electricity anywhere and anytime

Various off-grid solar system applications allow residents and businesses to live and operate in regions with weak or unreliable power infrastructure.

Remote & Rural Areas Systems 90%
Water Pumping Systems 94%
Emergency Backup Systems 89%

Electricity may be needed anywhere and anytime. An off the grid solar system is a system that is designed to work on it’s own. It is not connected to the mains power supply or any other power grid. It solely relies on the solar panels, wind turbines or micro hydro system to produce the power  which then stored in batteries.

Customized Solutions

Experience is needed to make things simple, we do customized solution for each project.

Advanced Engineering

Regional experience, worldwide certificates, high-tech software and advanced design tools.

Pro Installation

Details matter with our comprehensive techniques for installation and project management

Quality Check

Supervision and follow up with each project phase step by step to ensure highest quality measures.

Power outages occur for various reasons when connected to a power grid, and one outage can last from a few minutes to a few weeks. An off-grid solar system can store energy on batteries for use during outages and homeowners can even choose to disconnect from the grid and rely on the system for power.

You won’t be paying any electric bills so it is useful in the long-run as it allows you to save money for other expenses.


After COVID19 the mindset and trends have been changed, many people now want to spend a lot of time in rural small homes and still get reliable affordable energy supply.

Since rural neighbourhoods have little infrastructure connecting to a power grid is challenging for homeowners there which means that off-grid solar systems are perfect for such settings. Since the solar panels need sunlight to gather energy, setting them up on roofs are enough. Staying off the grid while using solar energy lets people enjoy the benefits of having electricity without having to pay any connection fees and monthly electric bills.

No more diesel generators in remote areas, no more electricity fees in cities! 

Using off-grid renewable energy eliminates your reliance on finite resources like fossil fuels that increase in price as they deplete, while also eliminating the need to pay for electric bills.

Installing a power system might seem complicated, but an off-grid solar system is perfect anywhere as it doesn’t require specialized infrastructure to function. A homeowner only needs a set of tools to set up the system in the household.

Going for solar energy means that homeowners can contribute to making the world cleaner and greener especially when they’re disconnected from power grids. Off-grid solar systems are perfect in providing clean and renewable energy for consumers.

Everyone knows that water is essential for people and the plants that we grow. The problem, however, is that access to water resources can be limiting in settings that are far removed from municipal infrastructure. 

Land users in such remote settings usually have a couple of options: use the distant power grid to run an electric-powered well pump, or use fuel-powered pumps to draw from a pond or river. Tying into the grid can cost a lot when new electrical lines must be run and then there are the recurring costs for usage. 

Similarly, gasoline or diesel-powered pump setups can be pricey, require constant refueling, and can be prohibitive to maintain. 

Second Energy team can solve this problem in easy, quick and cost efficient off grid solutions and save the irrigation process anywhere anytime.

The only thing that you’ll have to take care about with an off-grid solar system is your own power usage. (Using less power than you generate with your solar panels). Professional design and load sizing done by Second Energy team always support your energy needs to make sure you will have enough energy for your designed loads almost all the time.

Renewable solar energy is a popular choice among homeowners who are looking for ways to reduce their monthly electricity costs and contribute to making the world more sustainable.

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