Energy Management

We turn engineering to savings by our Shared Energy Savings Contract

With increasing energy costs comes the need to optimize energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. By adopting a proactive attitude to energy management, businesses will save money on energy and positively reinforce their brand by communicating their social and environmental image.

Second Energy team can determine energy efficiency levels and detect inefficiencies, resulting in enhanced competitiveness and decreased energy costs. We offer turnkey energy efficiency performance-based projects to ensure harnessed savings are retained through our energy focused maintenance service.

We reduce your energy consumption by implementing energy conservation measures through a shared energy savings contract.

Energy Audit 94%
Energy Efficiency 94%
Energy Management 97%

Simple Clever Solutions

Experience is needed to make things simple, we do customized solution for each project.

Advanced Engineering

Regional experience, worldwide certificates, high-tech software and advanced design tools.

Pro Installation

Details matter with our comprehensive techniques for installation and project management

Quality Check

Supervision and follow up with each project phase step by step to ensure highest quality measures.

Energy Performance Contract is a commercial agreement structure that allows for capital improvement which permits energy upgrades to be paid from cost reductions generated. Under a performance contract arrangement, Second Energy completes a project to produce energy efficiency.

Second Energy uses the stream of income from the cost savings to repay the costs of the project, including the capital costs. According to the agreement, Second Energy will not receive its payment until the project delivers energy savings as expected.

Through Energy Savings Performance Contracting, Second Energy pays all costs involved in identifying and installing new or upgraded energy-efficient equipment. The energy upgrades are paid for by a portion of the cost savings resulting from these improvements over a set term. At the end of the ESPC, the customer owns all of the improvements and receives all of the continuing savings.


Many industrial and commercial businesses have recognized that energy costs are a significant concern in the day to day running of their businesses. Traditional lighting sees businesses faced with the inevitable price rise from energy suppliers of 4-6% annually. These energy costs along with maintenance costs are continually draining business finances.
Second Energy delivers zero cost energy efficiency solutions that will help your business make significant energy, cost and CO2 savings.

shared energy saving agreement provides an immediate payoff for the energy consumer. As the developer takes care of all financing, procurement, and installation, the customer simply goes solar and begins saving on their energy bill as soon as the system is up-and-running. 

Higher energy performance, higher energy efficiency and accurate energy management will minimize energy consumptions and its related costs.

Second Energy is completely responsible for all upgrades installed and maintenance, taking on all the risk.

Put simply: If the upgrade and energy savings techniques do not perform, we don’t get paid.

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