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Mega Projects

What can we offer as an ESP in Mega Projects?

Tasks involving feasibility studies and project development

Concept Development

  • Establishment of basic conditions.
  • Complete project concept development.


Establishment and evaluation of basic conditions.

Preliminary Planning

  • Design planning for examining feasibility and creation of alternative approaches.
  • 3D model of the project.
  • Soil Test.
  • Energy yield calculation.
  • Creation of documents for financing, economic and energy yield assessments, recommended price offer and synopsis

Project Development

  • Preliminary meetings with governmental agencies to acquire building permits.
  • Project coordination relevant to approval.
  • Completion of applications and support during construction planning.
  • Approval planning including construction application.
  • Collection of independent energy yield assessments.

Tasks involving planning and implementation

  • Energy yield-optimized planning for power plants .
  • Creation of Implementation and detail plans.
  • Energy provider approval documents .
  • Health and safety plans.
  • Detailed construction schedules.
  • Call for bids and commissioning of all services.

Creation of planning and documentation, technical data sheets, etc.

Execution of construction work

  • Building site management.
  • Supervision and coordination of all components and trades.  
  • Cost and time management.  
  • Bringing into service of the PV power plant to the grid.  
  • Acceptance tests.  
  • Builder´s diary.

After the project has been implemented: Facility Supervision / Technical Management Service

  • Description of all relevant technical and local conditions of the project.
  • Description and cyclical display of all relevant data from the PV facility via a data logger and compared to local weather data on-site.
  • Evaluation of current information for realistic evaluation of the current energy yield thereby enablingearly detection of deficits in yield.
  • Active and continuous supervision of facilities via comprehensive analysis functions. Freely configurable evaluation and alarm systems.
  • Archiving and description of all commercially and technically relevant data and key figures.
  • Detailed inspections and controlling measurements taken on-site also enable early detection and correction of problems that could cause a drop in yield or failures e.g. benchmark measurements measurement using infrared spectroscopy.