Second Energy’s Heart

is in Renewable Energy

About Us

Second Energy was founded via the collaboration of experienced engineers and service providers active in the renewable energy sector. From its Headquarter in Amman, Second Energy manages its operation in Jordan, Palestine and UAE. Our experience is spreading covering MENA through Amman branch and GCC through Dubai branch.
Overall, members of the Second Energy team have supported the development and implementation of photovoltaic projects.

Second Energy is committed to its economic and ecological responsibilities.
Our team is constantly expanding its knowledge and skills. This enables Second Energy to offer our customer the best information and consulting services involving state of the art technology.

The Second Energy business development department actively develops innovative ideas and products combining energy management, monitoring, different types of renewable energies and storage products for grid connected systems as well as for Remote Area Power Supply systems, solar pumping systems and PV Power Plants.

Second Energy employees are always up to date by attending technical conferences, internal and external training, seminars and international trade shows.

Our Vision

gogreenHelp families and business owners to Go Green and enhance future energy independence by providing high quality renewable energy with low price and up to date know how and experience. 

Our Mission

We aspire to be the leading regional providers of complete renewable power solutions by expanding our network and stay up to date for PV skills and know how.

Our Motto

logospecial3Let the Second Energy be your first choice